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My gallery consists of mostly dogs and stray cats :D
My skills on becoming an animal photographer. I'm not the best photographer in the world but slowly and surely, I'll get there.

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It has been a little more than over a year since Chloe had passed away. It's been hard and luckily we've had Coconut with us to help with the healing process but in all honestly, the family and I were ready for a new dog. We knew that when the timing was right, we were going to get another puppy. Whelp, that time for a new puppy came sooner than we thought.

A new adoption center had opened up recently in one of the malls that we go too. I was bugging my parents to go take a look at it, just to look around and see what puppies might be there. So on Saturday after work, we all piled into the car and went down to the mall. There weren't much puppies there seeing how they defiantly were going like hot cakes. My mom asked one of the volunteers there if they were going to get any more puppies in that day and the volunteer said they probably were going to get seven more in later that day. So we decided to grab something to eat and we came back. Indeed, they got more puppies in but as soon as they got them in, they were pretty much all gone. There was this one puppy, however, that caught the eye and interest of everyone in the family; it was a little black lab mix with some white on her chest and white on her feet and it was a little girl.  We asked if we could see her but they told us we had to fill out an adoption form first before we could see any puppy so we did and we ended up bringing her in a room with us. Long story short, we walked in the store to look at the puppies and walked out with one that same day, instead. We didn't really have any intentions on getting her that same day but we did and besides, we were ready for a new puppy to come into our lives.

Now her name sounds a little crazy. My sister named her, which was part of the agreement we made that whatever dog walks into this house she HAS to name it. So the puppy's new name is Charlee Niall Styles Maikranz but we just call her "Charlee" for short. The said part is that huge ass name is actually on her papers and is legit her full name xD!!! Why Niall Styles? Well my sister is currently obsessed with the boy band One Direction and took the names of the two guys in the band that she likes and put them together to create our new dog's middle name. Whatever haha. She's just a little girl with a boy's name but female spelling.

So far, everything is going well with Charlee. She was extremely shy and timid when we first met her but she quickly warmed up to us. We learned that she came from a kill shelter in South Carolina and with all the traveling to come to Jersey and the fact that she just got spayed, I couldn't blame the poor thing for being so scared!  Because she was spayed like four days ago, the workers at the adoption center told us to limit her running around so she could heal. We briefly introduced her to Coconut, which-whom was quite surprised when she saw this newcomer in her house. It's going to take some time for her to get used to the idea that Charlee is a permeant guest in the household but I think she'll do just fine. Coconut actually snapped at Charlee the other day because she got all up in Coconut's space. That was all that has happened and as long as nothing else goes on, I think they will be the best of friends. Charlee is quite the handful but it's expected since she is only 3 months old. She's actually doing pretty good with it comes to potty training - she goes on the wee wee pads and even starts to cry to let me know when she has to go out in the backyard. One thing she needs work on is walking on the leash but again, it will take time and eventually she'll get the hang of it. She was such a good puppy the first night we brought her home and I was happy that she slept through the entire night. Hell, she's even going up and down the stairs already xD. She's a feisty one.

I noticed that Charlee has been biting and scratching herself a lot lately, like right after we took her home from the adoption agency. Usually, she's biting by the base of her tail, inside her thighs, behind her neck, and on her side. Fearing that she might have fleas, I checked her body all over though I couldn't see anything; seeing how she is black it's harder to see those little bastards crawling around. Tonight, I was petting her and doing another flea examination when I noticed black speckles on her chest. The first thing that came into my head was "Shit, that's flea dirt" but I just wanted to check and make sure that it was probably nothing. I've been around enough flea infested dogs at work that I know the signs of fleas and what to look for when looking at your dog. I took Charlee into the kitchen and asked my mom to hold her while I wetted the area where I saw what was supposedly flea dirt with water and then dish detergent. Sure enough, the speckles became red - which is blood from the flea droppings- so it was a sign that Charlee most likely has fleas; and that she probably be infested as well. The thought of one of my dogs having fleas and the idea of fleas in the house makes me vomit xD. Like... it's bad. Plus it's not good since we have Coconut around and the fleas can easily hop onto Coconut and be on her too. The adoption agency said they put protection on her though that obviously didn't work. I'm thinking she probably got them when she was at the shelter down in South Carolina and brought them with her when she traveled to jersey. So tomorrow, my mom has to call the vet and see if it would be okay if we can give her a bath-seeing how she is still healing from the spaying operation- and if it's okay to get that area wet. Oh what fun that's going to be.

Hopefully it's all in my head. Hopefully Charlee doesn't have fleas. But if she does, we better nip that problem in the butt before it gets a whole lot worse.
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I want to become an animal photographer too!
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